This website was created to consolidate information from thousands of internet locations into one easy-to-navigate webspace with listings for most Toledo area churches (web page links, Google info/maps, Facebook, and Live Streams: helping the homebound, those new to the area, etc.), Christian counselors, recovery groups/programs, pantries, homeless shelters, transitional housing, senior centers, Christian daycare & education, and with other useful links coming soon (Bible Studies, Specialty Ministries, etc.). You'll also find links to Recycling/Garbage collection schedules, Seasonal Services, Construction Projects, Traffic Cameras, Crime Maps, Parks, Museums & Libraries & more.

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               A Simple Resource Website.  Nothing Fancy!   Just Information.

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Looking for a church? With just a few clicks, you'll find one close to home and, when available - you'll find links to their Youtube or Facebook page (think Sunday Services), webpages, phone numbers, location maps, live feeds, and sometimes, a list of available Bible studies. On Google Maps, you may also view pictures of the church & read online reviews of people who've attended. 

Looking for a Christian counselor or a Christian business? You'll find those here also! We're adding more resources all the time, so please check back often. Please submit any suggestions or let us know what we missed by emailing us at

To search this site, click on the small magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner, enter a zip code, church name, activity, or any other search term and review the results.


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